Broad City

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 017: Television Lightning Round!

    A ton of new and returning shows have popped back on to the TV screen in the past few weeks and we realized we are woefully behind in discussing all of this great TV. So, what to do? LIGHTNING ROUND! We run though a bunch of shows including Justified, Flash, The Late Show, Hacking the System, Parks and Rec, The Venture Bros. special and more! Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 024: What's Allison Watching?

    The one! The only. The great, almighty, surly and unstoppable Allison Murphy joins us this week! We discuss some of her favorite shows, including Danger 5, The Flash, Broad City, and Game of Thrones! Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 075: BadTV v SuperTV: Dawn of... Just the TV Dudes

    It is our 75th ep and we are long overdue for a superhero tv discussion so strap in because we got a ton of it to discuss!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 081: The Culling

    So many shows got the axe this week, as tv is trying to shape things up for next season. We discuss what shows didn't make the cut as well as review The Americans, Broad City, and Game of Thrones. Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 150: "I'll Take Weiner"

    Episode 150 is here and I feel we have truly come a long a way doing this podcast and really matured. Or maybe not. This week we are discussing the return of 'Broad City' and 'Better Things' along with the new Netflix series 'American Vandal'. Tune in!