Rick & Morty

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 014: Sophomore Slumps and Sizzles

    We are back to our regularly scheduled weekly format, this week, and we are excited to be joined by special guest Cat Edison, TV reviewer with ScreenInvasion.com! She sits down to talk with us about Sophomore Slumps and Sizzles: the strong and weak second seasons of television. We also have a hearty discussion of Serial, Daredevil, Amazon and more. Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 043: 3 Dudes and a Baby

    Bojack Horseman season 2! Rick & Morty season 2! Penny Dreadful wrapped season 2 (although we discuss season 1 while catching up)! True Detective season 2! Grant's having a baby season 2?!? Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 048: Fall Premieres 2015

    It's that time of the year again when we are bombarded with a ton of new shows and returning old ones. Join us as we discuss which new ones look good and which will suck. We also talk about that finale for Mr.Robot and check back in on Rick & Morty. Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 052: In the End

    'Rick & Morty' and 'Fear the Walking Dead' have concluded. 'Homeland' and 'The Leftovers' have returned. And Randy won't shut up about 'You're the Worst', so we let him talk about it. Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 127: Back from the Dead

    Some characters just don't know how to stay dead. And this week we are discussing a slew of those shows, including: '13 Reasons Why', 'iZombie', 'Rick & Morty', 'Making History' and 'Prison Break'. Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 143: The Dark Half

    An evil lurks just beneath the surface for all of us! Especially when we have to watch a show like 'Room 104'! This week we are joined by our friends Dimitry Pompée and Jeslyn Stiles to discuss why they had issues with 'Room 104', our theories for 'Game of Thrones, and the return of 'Rick & Morty'. Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 149: Atlantis

    We are off on an adventure to Atlantis! Definitely not going to space, dudes. It's all Atlantis this week, yes sirree! So join us as we discuss the return of 'You're the Worst', check in on the greatness of this season of 'Rick and Morty' and defend our genuine enjoyment of 'The Orville'. Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 152: Fall Comedies

    Fall is here! And with it a ton of new and returning comedies to discuss! So many that it's not even funny! Well, it sorta is... These are comedies after all. This week we discuss the finale of 'Rick and Morty', the return of 'The Good Place', 'Great News', 'Brooklyn 99', 'The Mick', 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', and the debut of 'Ghosted'. Tune in!