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  • The TV Dudes Podcast 145: Toon In!

    by Grant Davis inPodcasts on2017-08-18

    Animated shows are taking over this week as Les, Grant, and Randy discuss Voltron s3, DuckTales, and Harmonquest! Oh, yeah, and Game of Thrones. Toon in!

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  • The TV Dudes Podcast 144: Gross!

    by Grant Davis inPodcasts on2017-08-11

    This week we take a look at the TBS comedies 'People of Earth' and 'The Guest Book', binge through 'Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later' and geek out on how AMAZING that last ep of 'Game of Thrones was!!! Tune in!

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  • The TV Dudes Podcast 143: The Dark Half

    by Grant Davis inPodcasts on2017-08-04

    An evil lurks just beneath the surface for all of us! Especially when we have to watch a show like 'Room 104'! This week we are joined by our friends Dimitry Pompée and Jeslyn Stiles to discuss why they had issues with 'Room 104', our theories for 'Game of Thrones, and the return of 'Rick &...

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  • The TV Dudes Podcast 142: Ghosts of the Past

    by Grant Davis inPodcasts on2017-07-28

    Haunted! Haunted by mistakes of the past! And, no, we're not talking about that one time we gave a positive review of 'Under the Dome'. All of our protagonists are dealing with some issues from their past this week as we look at 'Game of Thrones', 'Ozark', and 'Insecure'. Tune in!

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  • The TV Dudes Podcast 141: Winter is Here

    by Grant Davis inPodcasts on2017-07-17

    Winter is here! I mean... not really. It is insanely hot out there! But the long-awaited return of 'Game of Thrones' is cause for celebration, and we are excited to discuss the premiere. But that's not all, dudes! We also discuss 'Snowfall' and our mixed feelings on 'Friends from College'. Tune in!

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