The Walking Dead

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 001: Clockwork Storytelling

    The TV Dudes have changed up their format and are going back to trying out the weekly podcast format! This week we discuss The Leftovers, Boardwalk Empire, The League, news and Clockwork Storytelling. Tune in to our first rebooted episode!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 006: Comic Book TV Shows

    The Flash, Arrow, and The Walking Dead have all popped up on the TV and we are excited to talk about all of them. Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 010: TV Burnout

    A slight change of format, a shift of TV Dudes cast, a healthy dose of Cosby, Flash, and Walking Dead, and we discuss the widespread epidemic of TV burnout.

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 012: Midseason Finales and Sony

    This week we take a look at some mid-season finales including Arrow, The Flash, The Walking Dead, and Agents of SHIELD and discuss how the shows are shaping up this season. We also  discuss the Sony hack, pulling The Interview from distribution and the ramifications to the industry including television.

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 019: Zombies, Nazis and Lawyers

    This week we are excited to discuss Better Call Saul and The Man in the High Castle, along with the return of The Walking Dead. We also talk about the Daredevil trailer, veer a bit away from TV to discuss Spidey joining the MCU, Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show and much much more! Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 026: April Showers

    The beginning of the flood of April television shows is upon us as well as a deluge of TV news. Trevor Noah taking over the Daily Show, Luke Cage and Game of Thrones news, Bloodline, iZombie, Community, the Walking Dead finale and so much more. April Showers? More like a monsoon! Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 041: Comic Con

    The stench of a million nerds has heralded the triumphant return of the celestial event known simply as Comic Con! And with it a glorious cornucopia of new TV show trailers! We take a look at those as well as the new HBO mini-movie '7 Days in Hell' and, of course, this weeks ep of True Detective. Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 053: F*ck Cancer

    We are talking Flash, Green Arrow, The Walking Dead and The Leftovers this week. And Randy is now best buddies with Stephen Amell! Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 054: #BabyEllington

    Greg was out this week because his son Ellington was born (Congrats, Greg)! So Grant and Randy hold down the fort and talk iZombie, Fargo, The Knick and THAT episode of The Walking Dead! Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 059: So Sioux Me

    We are closing in on the winter break when many of us will excitedly catch up on all the shows that fell through the cracks. This week we are discussing the midseason finale of The Walking Dead and how much we are absolutely in LOVE with Fargo. Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 069: TV Be Peakin'

    So many great shows! So little time! The DVR is filling up and we are racing to check out all of the new and returning shows. But it's all such great TV that we don't want you to mistake this for complaining. This week we discuss the return of Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead and Last Week Tonight as well as the debuts of Vinyl and 11.22.63. Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 076: Tragic Endings

    Several seasons ending this week and several tragic moments discuss, whether they are moments in the episodes or the utter failures of the shows themselves. This week we are discussing The Walking Dead, 11.22.63, American Crime Story, Archer, and Better Call Saul. Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 105: Not British Enough

    Holy cats! Did y'all see 'The Walking Dead'?!? I mean, yeah, we are gonna talk the new 'Black Mirror', how fantastic 'Dirk Gently' is, Randy's glee for 'My Crazy Ex Girlfriend', and more nutso theories for 'Westworld'... But that Walking Dead episode!! Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 158: Space Wars!

    Space! The final tv frontier! This week 'The Orville' and 'Star Trek: Discovery' go head-to-head as we discuss these two space romps. We also take a moment to check in on 'The Walking Dead'. Tune in!