• The TV Dudes Podcast 028: Monsoon

    So much TV! Our DVRs are filling up fast and a ton of new shows have popped up. Game of Thrones, Veep, Silicon Valley, Louie, Comedians, and more! Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 037: H.B.Oh My God!

    This has been the greatest television lineup HBO has ever had: Silicon Valley, Veep, Game of Thrones, AND Last Week Tonight! How can you top that? With 3 of those shows hitting their season finales of course we had to talk about them! Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 079: Sundays are Back!

    Game of Thrones! Silicon Valley! Veep! Last Week Tonight! Lemonade! Sundays are back to greatness over at HBO and we are discussing all of our favorites. Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 088: TV > Books

    This week we are joined by Ashley Moreno of OneofUs.Net to discuss Orange is the New Black and the Game of Thrones finale! Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 129: To Laugh, To Cry

    This week we are recording at Scott Manor (pardon the bit of echo in the audio) with special guest Mike Moody of the Permanent RCRD podcast network and Mr. Robot, Oh podcast. We discuss 'Veep', 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', 'Better Call Saul', and wayyy too much on 'The Leftovers'. Tune in!

  • The TV Dudes Podcast 140: Blood Suckers

    We have an extra-grandesized episode this week as we discuss a slew of blood sucking parasites of characters from shows including 'Preacher', the seasons of 'Castlevania', 'Veep', & 'Silicon Valley', and the HBO mini-movie 'Tour de Pharmacy'. We also take some time to discuss a slew of listener questions and bitch about The Emmys. Tune in!