The TV Dudes Podcast 170: Makin' Jokes!

Are these shows funny or not? Comedy is so subjective. Are we the best dudes to tell you if these shows are any good? The answer is yes. Always, yes. This week we take a look at season 2 of 'The Good Place', 'AP Bio', '2 Dope Queens', and 'High Maintenance'. Tune in!

Special thanks to @JediPsyfer for use of his music in this week's episode. His latest album is 'Alice' and you can check it out here:
The TV Dudes this week are Grant Davis, Randy Lander, and Kyle Scott.
Just a friendly reminder that we do bonus exclusive discussions over on Patreon! This week we are talking about SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS, THE MCU, VENOM, AND STAR WARS so head on over and become a patron today

Here is our episode outline:

Listener Questions  

TV News

TV Discussion

  • High Maintenance
  • 2 Dope Queens
  • AP Bio
  • The Good Place



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